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DIY Replicant Bushings (1 pair)

DIY Replicant Bushings (1 pair)


Tune your own replicant bushing set. Please do not purchace if you do not understand the following explaination:

These come oversize, you will need to tune these to be the correct thickness for your blade.

The average replicant blade thickness is .1240"-.1245" Generally you want your bushing to be .001"-.002" thicker than the blade.

These bushings come as .1260"-.1273" thick. This means potentially you can install a bushing as is and have good tolerances, more than likely you will need to sand down the thickness by .0005"-.0010"


Link to short video demo:


To sand bushing thickness you will need a very flat surface with sand paper taped to it (600-1000 grit, higher grit will remove less at a time to be more careful), and a pivot lap or a method of evenly holding down the face of the bushing against the sand paper with even pressure.


Due to possible user error there are no refunds or exchanges for this item.

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